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Photo of Edward N. Tilsen (left) and Sam Reuben (right), Ashley, ND 1914

Reuben Family Special Relationship

The Tilsen Family has a special relationship to the family of Yehuda Lev "Leib" "Louis" & Mirel (Chaplik) Reuben. Three children from the Tilsen family (Ed, Max and Gert) married three children from the Reuben Family (Esther, Mollie and Sam). Moreover, all of the Tilsen and Reuben siblings remained close for many years and into the next generation. They also retained strong ties to the Saichek, Cohen and Rigler families and their children. Many in these families live in the Milwaukee, WI and Twin Cities, MN areas.

For information on the development of the Jewish community in North Dakota and reflections on the immigrant experience, see Ken Tilsen's Quest for Data about North Dakota Jewish Community.

Family trees are available on request from jjtilsen@beki.org for the Tilsen, Reuben and Chaplik families.

Pictured at right: Edward N. Tilsen (left) and Sam M. Reuben (right), Ashley, ND 1914.

For more information contact Jon-Jay Tilsen at jjtilsen@beki.org