Tilsen Family Banner Photo of Edward N. Tilsen, Bismarck, North Dakota, 1914

Edward N.Tilsen

Edward Nahman Tilsen was born (presumably) in Vynohrad (Виноград, Vinograd, Winograd, Winorad) (49° 15' N 31° 45' E), about 20 miles northwest of Zvenigorodka near Kiev, Ukraine on 2 April 1891 to Hirshel "Harry" Teplitszky & Haya "Clara" Cohen. He married Esther Nesa Reuben on 31 December 1915. He died in St. Paul, MN, on 21 October 1984. Ed & Esther were buried in the Temple of Aaron cemetery in St. Paul, MN.

Pictured at right: Edward N. Tilsen, Bismarck, ND, 1914.

Merchant Trade Token, c. 1927.  Obverse: Tilsen's Cash Store, New Leipzig [misspelled], No. Dak.  Reverse:  Good for 10¢ in MerchandiseResidences included Ashley, ND (1917), Venturia, ND (1920), and New Leipzig, ND (1925, 1930). The family lived in Bismarck, ND (1931) and Iron Mountain, MI (abt. 1932-1934), before moving to St. Paul, MN (about 1935-1984).

Ed owned and operated "Tilsen's Cash Store" in New Leipzig, ND, from 1926 until about 1930. In the late 1930s, he started "Twin City Building & Improvement," which later became "Tilsenbilt Homes" and "Tilsen Homes." Following his retirement, the business was owned by his son Robert ("Bob"), and then Robert's son James ("Jim").

These are the children of Edward N. Tilsen & Esther N. Reuben.

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