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Max Tilsen & Mollie Reuben

Max (Mordekhai) Tilsen was born in or near Winograd, Ukraine, on 2 May 1890 to Hirshel Tilsen & Haya Cohen. He had black hair and blue eyes. He arrived in Quebec, Canada, and took the Canadian Pacific Railroad to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, on or about 15 June 1906.

Mollie Reuben (Malka) was born in or near Tiraspol on 15 April 1896 to Louis Reuben & Mirel Chaplik.

Max died on 30 December 1963 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mollie died on 8 April 1965 in Minnesota.

These are the children of Max Tilsen & Mollie Reuben.

Max's "Declaration of Intent" 15 March 1916
Max's "Declaration of Intent" 25 March 1916
Max's "Petition for Naturalization"
Max's Footstone (photo by Bruce Greene)
Mollie's Footstone (photo by Bruce Greene)

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